If you do make a donation directly to NAAF, in the comment box please type "On behalf of the Tampa to Miami cause" and then send us an email letting us know your name and how much you donated on behalf of this cause. Your name will be added to the donations list below. Thank you!!



(Names will be added before May 1st)

Help out in a different way!

>>Want to help out with this cause in a different way? Become a part of Angie's journey by giving her a place to sleep, some food to eat, and a bathroom to use. She can't be running the whole time! Go to the May 1st page and scroll to the bottom for cities/locations and a map of the general route.

>>Feeling more ambitious?? If you would like take part in running along with Angie for all or even a small part of her journey, send an email with your location and contact information where she can get a hold of you to plan it out!

>>If you would like to help out by donating some of your time to aid Angie personally, send an email! She would absolutely love any help for things such as car washes, setting up awareness tables in public, finding sponsors and collecting donations, attending events with her, etc. .