So, who in the world is Angie?

Angie Hegge is a former student and athlete from Sickles High School and Florida Gulf Coast University. She ran cross country and track all four years in high school, and obtained a cross country scholarship for FGCU. She is currently living in Tampa will resume classes this summer of 2009.

Angie has moved around a lot in efforts to find the meaning of life and who she really is. After a hectic a year of bouncing around from Ft Myers to Ft Lauderdale to Cincinnati, Ohio to Jacksonville, North Carolina and finally back to Tampa, Angie has decided to take some action and do something that she's been dreaming of for the past couple years- to run a crazy amount of miles for a reason. Because of her moving around a lot, Angie has been out of school for the past couple of months and has every intention of going back to school during the summer to obtain a degree. She has absolutely no clue what she wants to do with her life still, and is perfectly content with that.

Her passion lies with the extreme, whether it be extreme sports or extreme spontaneity. She does competitive running, surfing, wakeboarding, writing, drawing, photography, and has a slight obsession with philosophy and tattoos.
She is engaged to an amazing Marine who has inspired her to grasp every second of every day and make it count.
[ I love you Noe! :) ]

Angie's favorite quote:
"The meaning of life is to put meaning into your life."