The Game Plan

Alright guys, so after very careful planning and hours of studying Florida's roads, here is the general idea of the route that I will be taking from Tampa to Miami.

The Route

These are the cities that I plan to overnight in. The locations in bold are places that I have a for sure place to crash at. So if you or anyone you know are in any of these cities along my route and are willing to house a runner for the night, please e-mail me at Even if you aren't in these exact cities but are located around them, that would work as well! (As long as it's not too far off the beaten path! haha) Even if you just want to stop for a cup of coffee or a chat, or even to join me for a few miles, don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to have a good conversation and meet some good people! Thanks!!

START: University of South Florida
May 1 - Tampa to Apollo Beach
May 3 - Apollo Beach to Bradenton
May 5 - Bradenton to Sarasota
May 6 - Sarasota to Venice
May 8 - Venice to Port Charlotte
May 9 - Port Charlotte to Cape Coral
May 11 - Cape Coral to Lehigh Acres
May 12 - Lehigh Acres to Labelle
May 13 - Labelle to Clewiston
May 14- Clewiston to Belle Glade
May 15 - Belle Glade to Wellington
May 16 - Wellington to Boynton Beach
May 17 - Boynton Beach to Coconut Creek
May 19 - Coconut Creek to Fort Lauderdale
May 21 - Fort Lauderdale to Miami
END: South Beach